Friday, April 5, 2013

Color Oops works!!!

Color Oops is an amazing product that helped me get the red out of my hair.  I had no idea that red was such a hard color to maintain.  I definitly found out the hard way.  Red is awesome as soon as you dye it and then it bleeds big time.  So I went from super hero red to grandma red in no time.  Anywho,  they say red is the hardest color to get out but it only took me an hour.  You put this super smelly stuff on your head and wait 20 minutes.  Then rinse for another 20 minutes but I did 35 because I am paranoid. More is better :)
So these are my results!!!

My verdict is that red is awesome but too high maintance for this gal.  Oh I must add that if you usually use 2 boxes of hair dye that you will need 2 boxes of color oops to get the job done.  Note:  I was not paid by color oops to say that they are awesome.  I am just crazy enough to pick out a color at Target using the rock, paper scissors and then ended up not liking it.  haha Happy coloring to all!


  1. Nice. I've been wanting to take the red out of my hair. I'll give this a try. How does your hair feel after using the Oops out?? Dry? Or anything funny, side effects? Lol

    1. My hair was a bit dry after Color Oops. I used a hair mask to help with the dryness and I always use a heat protectant when im going to style my hair. As for side effects it just left me with the lightest color I've ever lifted my hair. If you do use color oops and are going to dye your hair another color pick a color a few shades lighter because color oops takes out all the color out of your hair leaving it pourous.