Tuesday, February 5, 2013

50 Shades Darker

I was not referring to the book.  My boys and I are actually 50 shades darker from our vacation.  We had lots of fun and indulged in some great food.  I promised myself that I would make time to workout on the ship but that soon went out the window when there are so many activities and the stops at the ports.  Here are a few pictures and I hope you guys enjoy :)

The first night was a little stressful. 

I tried escargot for the first time (anything covered in butter tastes good)!

My baby totally crushed on Priscilla!!!

 Levi partied hard

By the end we all felt like this

This was us leaving Texas

 It was super windy
He didn't want to hear it anymore
Proof that you'll do anything to amuse your kids!